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A   L U X U R Y   M O D E R N   B R I D A L   E D I T

R O Z I E is the premier destination for modern, fashion conscious brides seeking clean, contemporary and timeless wedding dresses. Suited to style savvy, effortlessly chic brides seeking considered and unique designs to showcase their personal style.

A carefully curated collection of exclusive international designers to challenge the mainstream bridal aesthetic.

L U X U R Y   B R I D A L   W I T H   A   C O N S C I E N C E

We have made it our mission to ensure R O Z I E houses not only the best in contemporary female-led bridal design and quality, but we are also the go-to destination for luxury sustainable bridal wear.


 Each of our gown and accessory designers have an element of conscious design or production in place and make in their studio or use beautiful sustainable fabrics and materials.

D I S C O V E R   M O R E   @rozie_bride

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